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Clean Air Power (CAP), the developer of a dual-fuel combustion technology that enables heavy-duty diesel engines to operate on a combination of diesel and natural gas, has launched its Genesis Edge Dual Fuel Volvo FM13 Euro5 product in Australia. (Earlier post.)

CAP says that Australia is a mature Dual Fuel market and its existing Caterpillar product, which has sold more than 200 units, is reaching the end of its life cycle having been operational since 2001. The Volvo Genesis Euro 5 product started trials with Murray Goulburn in December 2010 and was certified for sale in May 2011, and will in time replace the Caterpillar product. Murray Goulburn has now ordered an additional 6 units for immediate delivery.

Commissioning delays of a Tasmanian LNG plant affected 2010 sales but the plant is now up and running, with 6 refuelers have been commissioned which cover Tasmania.

In total Clean Air Power has having received orders for 15 new units in the last month. Clean Air Power has a local presence in Australia with support staff in both Perth WA and Melbourne.

We now have a fleet of 22 Dual-Fuel vehicles operational in Tasmania which represents nearly 50% of LNG vehicles on the road in the State. The Tasmanian market alone is capable of sustaining 120 vehicles so we believe that there is a significant opportunity to grow our revenues within this important market as understanding of and confidence in our product continues to gain traction.

—John Pettitt, CEO of Clean Air Power



Dual fuel makes sense, I would like to see something similar here for all delivery trucks and big rigs.

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