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Study details viable pathway to develop sustainable aviation biofuels industry in Pacific Northwest; hydroprocessing of natural oils seen as the most immediate opportunity

Quantum receives fleet contract from Dow Chemical for 100+ plug-in hybrid F-150s; 20 kWh Dow Kokam Li-ion packs

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has received a contract to deliver 100+ plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) pickup truck fleet vehicles (earlier post) powered by Dow Kokam lithium ion battery technology to The Dow Chemical Company.

Quantum developed the new hybrid drive system Quantum F-Drive specifically for the Ford F-150 pickup truck, one of the highest volume selling fleet vehicles in America. The F-150 PHEV has a 35-mile electric-only range, shifting to hybrid electric mode thereafter for a total range of more than 400 miles.

The 20 kWh Dow Kokam battery enables delivery of the required vehicle range in addition to speeds of up to 85 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 12 seconds.

The F-Drive system has been integrated in the F-150 truck such that there is no impingement into the cab or cargo bed and maintains full ground clearance. The fleet vehicles, incorporating Quantum’s F-Drive, will meet Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards, US Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board emission requirements.



Quantum gets a customer and Dow gets a demo and more data on their batteries, looks like a win all the way around.


I'd rather have the Alt-E conversion instead. No funky through-the-road setup, better range and 6500 lb towing capacity compared to 2000 lb.


I like that one. This is just a way for Dow to show their lithium polymer pouch cells in a real world application easily. It is not the best, but it is convenient.

Quantum has lots of conversions, from a PHEV Escape hybrid to a CNG converted Escape hybrid. They really can make it happen, if the customers want it to happen.

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