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Elevance Renewable Sciences and Royal DSM collaborate on bio-based specialty thermoplastic materials

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., which is commercializing olefin metathesis technology for renewable fuels and chemicals (earlier post), and Royal DSM N.V. have signed a Letter of Intent for a collaboration to evaluate Elevance’s monomers for production of specialty bio-based high performance thermoplastic materials for DSM’s engineering plastics portfolio.

DSM is a global leader in specialty thermoplastics and has demonstrated a capacity for commercializing innovative, more sustainable polymers, making it an attractive partner for our renewable monomers. This collaboration will combine our novel monomers with DSM’s focus on providing the market with high performance polymers to quickly commercialize innovative, bio-based products.

—Andy Shafer, executive vice president of sales and market development for Elevance

Elevance will provide natural monomers produced from plant oils along with its proprietary metathesis technology to enable the production of various polymers. DSM will provide expertise on polymer research, application development and commercialization.



This goes along with value added near the source. Why haul coal 1000 miles when you can make fuels and plastics closer to the coal mine. Then you haul those value added products to market at lower weight and hirer value.

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