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Eltek Valere introduces marine DC power system

Eltek Valere has introduced the new Marine Power Concept based on a central uninterruptable 220 VDC power system with distribution to various critical functions onboard modern vessels.

The Eltek Marine Power Concept is based on a larger central power system with a centralized battery bank. With the system, a high voltage (220VDC) bulk power feed is distributed seamlessly and with minimal loss to important equipment located throughout the ship. The centralized solution removes the need for many local power systems and batteries, and thus reduces both equipment and service requirements.

The modular Eltek Valere system also provides full scalability and redundancy to ensure that critical functions always have power.

The central system can house up to 24 2kW Flatpack2 rectifier modules providing 48 kW at 220VDC. The system also includes a number of Eltek Valere power systems for the receiving end to convert the high-voltage DC feed to the voltage required by the load.

The solution is certified by DNV, one of the world’s leading quality assurance and certification bodies.



OK. Here is an example of a central power system that is efficient. Because it serves a finite, highly local space. Essentially this IS a local power system with very short runs to satellite equipment.

Where central power becomes a liability is in long distance transmission via highly exp0osed resources like high voltage towers, poles, transformers, etc.

Since we know how to make power locally, in distributed configurations - old fashioned (100+ years) centralized power is no longer viable.


This is the second Marine DC power system announced in the past week or so. Is this a trend that will migrate to land-based systems as well?

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