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Australia awards Holden A$39.8M for fuel efficiency improvements for the Commodore

The Federal Government of Australia is awarding A$39.8 million (US$42.5 million) from the Green Car Innovation Fund to support fuel efficiency improvements for the next Holden Commodore.

The co-investment funding, part of the Government’s New Car Plan for a Greener Future, will allow Holden, one of only seven fully-integrated global General Motors operations, to develop a range of fuel efficiency and carbon emission reduction technologies and features for future Commodore models.

Together the innovations, including aluminium body panels to reduce vehicle weight and improved aerodynamic performance, are designed to help reduce fuel consumption by more than 7%. This reduction in fuel consumption would save around 3.6 million liters of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions from the Commodore fleet by around 9,000 tonnes a year.

Holden Managing Director Mike Devereux said the co-investment funding was critical for the Australian automotive industry to compete globally and to continue to bring affordable new technologies and innovations to locally-made cars like Commodore.

Devereux said Holden worked to continuously improve the environmental performance of Commodore with new fuel-saving technologies like Active Fuel Management on V8 models and Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI) on V6 powered vehicles.

This is the second grant Holden has received through the Green Car Innovation Fund. Holden also received A$149 million (US$159 million) over three years to bring the Cruze into production, making it the only small car built in Australia.

Cruze was Holden’s largest engineering and manufacturing program since VE Commodore and enabled Holden to return to a second shift at Holden’s Vehicle Operations (HVO) in 2010.



Aside from the fact the Fed government announced this fund was supposedly abolished in December 2010, nothing Holden have or plan to do is either 'green' nor 'innovative'.

Aluminium panels and a few plastic undercar covers to smooth aero requires $40M in R&D assistance?

That's $200M of tax payer funds being spent on cronyism and pork.

Account Deleted

The best thing that the auustralian government could do for holden is to remove the import tariffs so they fairly compete in the market and then they'd have to make their products better or shut up shop.

If after 50+ years of subsidising the industry they still need subsidies then we're probably better off without them.


aluminium body panels

That seems like a good way to reduce weight. I like polymer or polycarbonate panels too, especially when you can put the body color in the panels.


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