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Hindustan Times. India plans to introduce new fuel efficiency standards; the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards will give auto manufacturers time until 2015 to increase fuel economy from the current average of 14.1 km/liter (33.2 mpg US, 7.1 L/100km) of gasoline to 17.3 km/liter (40.7 mpg US, 5.8 L/100km). With it, cars will have one to five star labels depending on their fuel efficiency.

The [CAFE] standard is the average annual fuel efficiency for a manufacturer’s fleet and is measured in terms of global warming causing carbon dioxide emissions. The draft fuel efficiency standard based on CAFE will be notified in May, a Road Transport ministry official told HT. The draft standard will be CO2 emission of 135 gm/km for entire fleet in 2015. In 2010, the average CO2 emission was 165 gm/km.

It will mean fleet fuel efficiency to improve from 14.1 km/litre to 17.3 for petrol cars and from 15.5 km/litre to 19.9 km/litre for diesel cars. The draft also provides for further improvement by 2020...Environmental NGOs want stricter norms. We should aim for European standard of 110 gm/km of CO2 emission by 2020, as against the draft standard of 128 gm/km said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, associate director with the Centre for Science and Environment.


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