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Linde building large hydrogen and synthesis gas plant in China

The Linde Group will build and operate a large hydrogen and synthesis gas plant in the Chongqing Chemical Park in Western China in a joint enterprise with Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Holding Company (CCPHC). The project has a total investment value of around €200 million (US$296 million). Linde holds 60% of the shares in the joint enterprise with CCPHC.

The new on-site plant will provide the production facilities of BASF and CCPHC based in Chongqing with carbon monoxide, hydrogen and synthesis gas.

The new plant, which will be supplied by Linde’s Engineering Division, is expected to come on stream in the third quarter of 2014.

n Greater China, Linde has close to 4,000 employees working in around 50 subsidiaries and joint-ventures, and 150 operational plants in major industrial hubs across the region. Linde Greater China is headquartered in Shanghai.

Linde’s sales in China were up 36.8% in 2010 to €576 million (US$854 million); its share of sales from its interests in Chinese joint ventures rose 20.9% in 2010 to €197 million (US$292 million). The Greater China region is one of the key growth areas for the Group’s focus on emerging markets, especially in Asia.



It occurs to people that we run our transportation on chemical reactions and our only option is not just pumping oil out of the ground and cooking it until we get what we want.

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