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London adds 150 charging points in capital-wide charging network

Guardian. London has launched the Source London scheme that adds 150 charging points to the city, bringing its total to around 400. Ultimately, the plan is to have 1,300 points by 2013—i.e., no more than one mile from every Londoner.

The creation of the first capital-wide charging network is an attempt to quash fears of “range anxiety”. The take-up of motorists looking to switch to electric cars has been partly hampered by the fear that batteries will need recharging after around 100 miles of driving.

Electric car owners will pay £100 per year for membership, which supercedes the previous disparate and charging membership schemes run by different boroughs, where a lack of integration meant a motorist registered in Camden would not be able to charge in Westminster. In return for their fee, drivers will be able to power up for free at roadsides, car parks and supermarkets. There are also plans to link the scheme with an East of England network that is due to launch soon.



I'm sure the Top Gear morons will still find a way to intentionally run out of juice for a photo-op bashing electric cars. LOL

And the BBC will run the photos for them on the front page for a week!

What the hell is it with those two?


"at roadsides, car parks and supermarkets."

I don't know how long the average stay at a supermarket is, but it does not seem like long enough to get much energy into the car. Even with a 5 kWh induction charger, a half hour might get you 10 miles more range.


Top Gear guys would run out of fuel riding bicycles. Which is what they're qualified to test.

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