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Ricardo to assist Lifan in development of 1.2L turbocharged DI gasoline engines for downsizing applications

Ricardo will assist Lifan Automobile Group based in Chongqing, China, with the development of a family of highly downsized gasoline engines capable of meeting future Chinese and international fuel economy and emissions regulations.

Under the new contract, which follows on collaboration between the two companies over the past five years, two new engines will be developed based on a common 1.2L capacity platform offering a competitive balance of performance, fuel economy, manufacturing cost and weight.

A mid-boost direct injection (DI) gasoline engine variant of the engine will be developed to replace current Lifan products in the 1.5L to 1.8L range of naturally aspirated engines, while a premium high-boost DI version will provide even greater levels of downsizing by replacing products of up to 2.0L capacity. Both new engines will mark a significant step forward in the realization of Lifan’s ambitions to provide globally competitive products.

Engineered to meet China Stage III fuel economy regulations they will also conform to Euro 5 emissions regulations while offering internationally competitive standards of performance and refinement.



Could become a source for smaller gensets for PHEVs.


Once they make cars lighter, they can do the genset idea without any mechanical drive from the engine. Once that happens they can use engines that are better suited for the genset application. Efficiency and mileage go up, costs come down.


Yes SJC...that may be the case by 2015 with upgraded e-motors and batteries? The technologies required are already there to do it. E-motors could be liquid cooled to supply heating for the cabin while keeping the e-motors smaller.


These guys want to replace 2.0L with a 1.2L turbo and that is fine, but you don't really need something this complex nor high power for a genset. Look at the 1.4L in the Volt, it is the engine from the Cruze without the turbo.

If the engine is off and on in a charge duty cycle on the highway, there should be plenty of stored heat in the cooling system to warm the cabin along with heat from the controller and motor. Couple that with electric steering which the Cruze already has and electric AC and you are ready all year.


Step one is to replace the 2L with the 1.2 turbo
Step two is to use that 1.2 as a range extender without the turbo

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