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Talison Lithium Limited, a global producer of lithium, announced an update and significant increase to lithium mineral resources and mineral reserves at its Greenbushes lithium operations in Western Australia.

The improved lithium recoveries and lower unit costs from the second stage expansion of the Greenbushes Lithium Operations, as well as the lower strip ratio, has enabled Talison to substantially increase its lithium Mineral Reserves whilst maintaining an average grade significantly superior to other known lithium mineral projects. The increased lithium Mineral Reserves significantly extend the Greenbushes mine life, thereby providing customers with security of supply to meet the expected future growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries in the years ahead.

—Peter Oliver, CEO

Among the highlights:

  • Lithium Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves increase by 157% to 31.4 million tonnes (Mt) at a grade of 3.1% lithium oxide (Li2O)

  • Supports expansion of production rate to approximately 740,000 tonnes per annum lithium concentrate (approximately 110,000 tonnes per annum lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE))

  • Mine life extended by 10 years to 22 years, based on lithium Mineral Reserves at the expanded production rate

  • Life of mine strip ratio almost halved to 1.2:1 as a result of the expanded lithium Mineral Reserves

  • Average grade of lithium ore processed in the next 5 years expected to be above 3.3% Li2O

  • Further opportunities to increase lithium Mineral Reserves and extend mine life at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations in the future



This mine will produce enough lithium for batteries for many million e-vehicles. Who said that the world could not produce enough lithium for EVs?.


When there is a demand, there may be a way. People start to think of ways of getting lithium out of brine in places where it made no sense, until the demand and price was there.

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