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Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium membership reaches all-time high

The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) announced the additions of several companies to its membership list, bringing its current membership to 66 companies—its highest tally ever. The consortium, which coordinates research programs for advanced lead-acid and lead carbon batteries, is also looking to build upon that number soon as at least 10 other companies have expressed interest in joining this year or next.

The consortium recently received membership pledges from start-up battery producer H-Power (of Charlotte, NC) and New Zealand start-up carbon producer ArcActive. Other new members for this year include: Battery Technology Group of Canada (a former subsidiary of Teck Cominco reaffirming membership after property change); lead-carbon foam battery producer Firefly International Energy of the US and India; American energy company Southern California Edison (former member under earlier program); and start-up bipolar battery producer YottaQ of Sunnyvale, CA.

ALABC says that the addition of these new members indicates that while the ALABC continues to draw influential members from the battery industry, it is also bringing in companies such as energy producers and cooperatives that represent other sectors for market expansion.

The ALABC is an international research consortium comprising lead producers, battery manufacturers, equipment suppliers, research organizations and other pertinent entities organized to enhance the performance of lead-acid batteries for a variety of markets, including hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications.



Lead. Acid. Heavy burn.


Where are the Firefly, 'nano better' better etc. L-A batteries?

After 150 years of ~ the same performance, maybe they they should focus on something besides potentially bigger annual conventions.


There is many examples of old material that got an other hundred years of life use through better use of it, steel, glass, but also silicon are a good examples. I wouldn't discard lead so fast, it is cheap and have low self discharge, the power density can be improved through increase of electrode surface.


I'm surprised to see Firefly in the news again. My understanding was that the venture was liquidated; I guess the IP had enough potential to get a new lease on life.

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