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Evida begins production of battery packs for new Mia Electric models

Evida Power, Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs), has begun manufacturing of full-specification homologated battery packs for the German and French electric vehicle maker, Mia Electric. (Earlier post.) The custom-designed lithium-iron phosphate 8 kWh energy systems will be used to power the automaker’s debut three and four-seater microbus models.

Evida has begun shipping the battery packs, which will be integrated within the vehicles on Mia Electric’s assembly line in Cerizay (France) from 1 June 2011. During the full-scale production program, Evida will supply the automaker with up to 10,000 units per annum until 2016, and Mia’s first zero-emission city vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to municipal and commercial fleet operators in the third quarter of this year.

Evida announced a $250-million contract with Mia Electric at the recent 2011 Geneva International Motor Show.

A portfolio company of Terra Venture Partners, an Israel-based clean energy venture capital fund, Evida is a US-registered company with operations in Europe, Israel and China, and aspires to become a leading enabler of electric vehicles, providing battery pack design, EV integration services and customized financial solutions.



More battery manufacturers and higher mass production the better for future electrified vehicles. Performance will increase and price will come down with


People may look at low speed and delivery EVs and say "why didn't we do this before?" My answer is we did not have $100 per barrel oil before.


We did in the early 70's.


The 70s saw oil go from $3 per barrel to $14 per barrel, adjusted for inflation that is about $60 per barrel.


My mistake. I should have said early 1980's.

Adjusted for inflation:

1. All time low oil price ($16.44/barrel) average for 1998.
2. All time high oil price ($102.26) average for 1980.

Stats taken from Inflation data.com (Historical Crude Oil Price, Updated 13 May 2011).


Either way we are fools to be jerked about by OPEC and the world oil market importing 2/3 of our oil 30 years after it became apparent that synthetic fuels are the way to go. If we spent ONE year of the money we wasted in Iraq on fuel plants, we would not need middle eastern oil ever again.

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