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Fisker starts posting jobs at re-commissioned Delaware plant; targeting Project Nina production at end of 2012

Fisker Automotive is posting job openings at the re-commissioned Wilmington, Delaware plant. The plan for 2011 will encompass the hiring of about 120 employees. This initial group will be made up of engineering staff, electro-mechanical technicians, and early teams of production workers as Fisker starts preparing for the launch of its second line of production vehicles, code-named Project Nina, at the end of 2012 with sales commencing in 2013.

Forty electro-mechanical technicians will be hired during July and August, a further 80 production employees will be added between October and February 2012 and there will be a continuous addition of jobs as the Project Nina platform nears full production.

The announcement of new jobs in Delaware comes on top of a significant employment expansion at Fisker’s Global Headquarters based in Anaheim, California. The company’s headcount in California has quadrupled from 50 staff in January 2010 to 200 in January 2011. By the end of June it will have increased a further 50% to 300 direct hires. In addition, with a similar number of contractors (300), Fisker will have created more than 600 American jobs in the past 18 months.

Since buying the plant in Summer 2010, Fisker has spent the last few months clearing out and re-commissioning the plant. However, instead of scrapping materials Fisker has sent more than 11.2 million pounds of iron, steel, wood and aluminum on more than 400 truckloads to be re-cycled. The revenue generated from these recovery and re-cycling activities has been used to purchase more materials, tools and equipment as well as on additional factory improvements.

Some materials are being re-used by Fisker itself. For example, wood from the original production line has even been used to floor the reception area of the Anaheim headquarters.

The first Project Nina vehicle will be a mid-size premium sedan.



If no one is really buying the $40k Volt, who in the h e l l is going to buy the "mid-size premium sedan" from Fisker?


Where's the $90k hybrid they were shopping around and to market for several fall auto seasons?


The Karma is suppose to roll out next month, don't bet the farm on it, but that is what they say. I think the Nina will do well against the Model S from Tesla, the Nina has a range extender, if I remember correctly.


When food and oil price jump 100% in a short time, isn't normal that car price, specially high performance e-cars price will also jump 100+%?


No, it depends on what is driving those price rises.


"If no one is really buying the $40k Volt"...... well, GM has sold every Volt they've built, plus supplied almost 2000 to dealers as demos. If fact, the 2011 model year is sold out. If you want to buy a Volt, you have to stand in line for a 2012 model. Production of the 2012 model year starts the 3rd week of next month. US and Canadian dealers are now taking orders.

By this time next year you may be able to buy one off a lot without searching or waiting, but that is unlikely to happen often this year.

Red Volt #1715-liquid fuel efficiency 0.75 gallons / 100 miles
(and my electric bill went up $10 last month)

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