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Genencor launches new enzyme product to advance cellulosic biofuel production worldwide

Genencor has introduced a new enzyme product—Accellerase TRIO—that it says will enable biofuel producers to more cost-effectively manufacture cellulosic ethanol from a wide range of renewable nonfood feedstocks such as switchgrass, wheat straw and corn stover as well as from municipal solid waste.

With Accellerase TRIO, Genencor provides a combined cocktail of enzymes all in one product to breakdown the glucan (C6) and xylan (C5) in the biomass feedstock into fermentable sugars, thus increasing the ethanol yield per unit of feedstock.

Accellerase TRIO works with a wide variety of renewable feedstocks, allowing producers to select nonfood crops and municipal solid waste that are abundant in their region to convert to ethanol or biochemicals. In addition, Accellerase TRIO can help boost total production by lowering viscosity and enabling producers to process more biomass.

DuPont acquired a majority stake in Danisco A/S, which includes its Genencor division, in May 2011. Genencor enzymes and enzyme production will now operate within DuPont Industrial Biosciences.



Scott Collins

Forget Ethanol... produce Butanol... a 1-to-1 replacement of gasoline which can reuse the existing infrastructure piping unlike Ethanol; can be used as a gasoline replacement and not just a limited supplement like Ethanol.


ditto the above


OFS cars can run ethanol, methanol, butanol or gasoline. Just turn coal fired power plants into IGCC and we can synthesize any fuel we need.


I'm with Scott Collins on this.


About a mere $500+B would do it in large enough quantities to put a dent in oil imports.


$100 billion would create 100 large fuel plants producing 100 million gallons per day, or roughly 1/3 of the gasoline the U.S. uses. That is less than one year of what we spent in Iraq.


The USA uses about 16 quads of gasoline alone per year.

Coal-to-liquids is about 50% efficient. If US gasoline demand was to be satisfied by CTL, it would require roughly an additional 30 quads/yr of coal.

The USA is already using about 30 quads/yr of coal. Doubling coal mining in the USA is Not Going To Happen. Look elsewhere for your gasoline replacement.


I did not say replace ALL the gasoline usage and I did not say use ALL coal. If you keep using straw man arguments then you satisfy only yourself and miss the point all together.


You need to run numbers. You also need to take into account the likelihood that shale gas is another dot-com.




Whatever, you are convinced you are right and that is it.


I'm asking you to convince me that you're right.

I've convinced myself that lots of schemes out there cannot work, because they are based on false assumptions; I've had to throw out some of my own ideas for the same reason. If your own idea has that same flaw, you're wasting your time. Wouldn't you rather know if that's the case?

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