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Michigan EV maker GGT Electric wins South Carolina state contract for LSVs

Michigan-based low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer GGT (GreenGoTek) Electric has been awarded one of South Carolina’s first statewide contracts to bring low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) to the state’s automotive fleet.

The E-Dyne van. Click to enlarge.

The initial target of the contract calls for GGT to deliver 10 of their E-Dyne all-electric passenger vans to the state of South Carolina for the first year, with the option for a second year renewal for another 10 vans.

The vans will be used for a multitude of potential purposes, including, but not limited to, campus supervision, grounds maintenance, parking meter enforcement, personal transportation, light hauling, and others.

The E-Dyne van is powered by a 72V or 96V Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)battery pack. SPeed is 25 mph (40 km/h). Range is 30+ miles (48+ kilometers) with the 72V battery and 40+ miles (64 km) with the 96V option.


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