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HaloIPT signs manufacturing deals in UK and Asia

HaloIPT, a developer of Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) systems for wirelessly charging electric vehicles, announced two new strategic relationships that will start volume production of IPT charging technology. HaloIPT will work with Chargemaster PLC in Europe and Evida Power Ltd in Asia to bring IPT charging to the worldwide electric vehicle industry within the next 18 months.

Chargemaster, which has the largest number of electric vehicle charging bays in the UK, will set up initial UK manufacturing production for HaloIPT. This will produce the hardware that allows electric vehicles fitted with an integrated receiver pad to charge automatically when parked or driven over transmitter pads in the ground. By Q2 2012, this partnership will put plans in place for Chargemaster to oversee the delivery of fully-assembled and tested production IPT systems, ready for deployment.

HaloIPT has also signed a strategic partnership with Evida Power, Ltd., a leading designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs for EVs. Evida, which has operations in Europe, Israel and China, is working with HaloIPT to explore the feasibility of manufacturing 40,000 HaloIPT systems in Asia over a five-year period. These units will become a specification option on a forthcoming electric vehicle.



Smart useful option for future electrified vehicles if they can keep the on-board weight and price low enough.


This could be real popular, if initially too costly for home use, it could be used in public chargers. Standards are the key, if most cars do not have the other end, induction charging is useless.


Strictly an aftermarket technology to start with. And really only for the incredibly lazy who cannot tolerate plugging in their car - like their cell phone or iPad. But hey, each to their own.


After 365 days of plugging and unplugging every day it becomes much more than "laziness", it has to do with convenience and not forgetting.

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