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Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) and the State of Hawaii have entered into an agreement that will seek to vastly improve the infrastructure and deployment for the new Mitsubishi i and other advanced 100% electric-powered vehicles (EVs) for residents.

Under terms of the cooperative agreement, Mitsubishi Motors and State of Hawaii will foster a number of EV-related advancements throughout the state in areas including:

  • Mitsubishi Motors agrees to make Mitsubishi i electric vehicles and service training available through their Cutter Mitsubishi dealership.

  • Actively pursue a deployment of DC Quick Chargers, such as the CHAdeMO protocol utilized in Level 3 Quick Charging EV charging stations, in the State of Hawaii to assist in the demonstration and education of electric vehicles as a viable source of transportation to the Hawaii general public.

  • Creating activities designed to educate and engage Hawaiian residents about the use of EVs as a viable and convenient form of transportation.

  • Supporting emerging businesses and business models related to EV development and workforce deployment helping create job opportunities in the area of green technologies (for example, electrical specialists to help support infrastructure).

  • Aiding in the development and deployment of training programs at tech schools and community colleges to train technicians to provide support and maintenance of EVs and their related infrastructure.

  • Mitsubishi Motors agrees to provide information and recommendations on EV strategy and infrastructure.

Mitsubishi Motors has selected Hawaii to be among the first states to receive the North American-spec production version of the Japanese auto manufacturer’s i-MiEV. Licensed drivers will be able to test drive the new Mitsubishi i at Cutter Mitsubishi in Aiea, Hawaii later this fall.

With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $27,990 for the base ES model before a federal tax credit of $7,500 and Hawaii’s clean energy rebate of up to $4,500 (subject to availability of funding), the Mitsubishi i is currently the most affordably-priced mass-produced electric vehicle available in the United States.



They need to look at how they make electric power. Bunker fuel for steam plants will not do. Geothermal, wind, solar, biomass and other methods are needed.

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