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Leclanché and Schüco cooperate for Lithium-ion solar energy storage solutions

Leclanché S.A., a specialist in the production of high-capacity Lithium-ion cells, and Schüco International KG (Bielefeld), a leader in aluminum, solar, steel and plastic systems for building envelopes, will cooperate to provide energy storage systems for solar- generated electricity.

The modular design of the system comprises a control and a power unit specifically developed for Schüco and universal Lithium-ion energy storage modules. Single energy storage modules can be stacked as needed according to the required capacity. The battery unit and its performance can be controlled using a controller or can be connected to other energy saving systems via an optional Internet access.

The energy storage system can be directly connected to solar panels. This new system is on show on the Schüco exhibition stand at Intersolar in Munich from 8 – 10 June.

The contract will use about 25% of Leclanché’s production line capacity in 2012, according to Ulrich Ehmes, CEO of Leclanché.

Leclanché offers prismatic cells in an A5 format (160mm x 160mm) in three thicknesses: 12mm, 9.5mm and 0.8mm. The company currently uses four electrode couples: metal oxide/graphite; metal oxide/titanate; LiFePO4/graphite; and LiFePO4/Titanate. All cells use a patented separator.

Leclanché has an installed annual production capacity of 100,000 large format lithium-ion cells. To prepare for the increasing demand for this technology, the company has decided to install an additional production unit with a capacity of 1 million cells per year as of 2012.



Any idea about cost?

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