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NAMICS developing multi-layered ceramic rechargeable batteries

Conductive and insulating materials company NAMICS Corporation is developing all-ceramic multi-layered rechargeable batteries based on a patent applied for with IOM Technology Corporation and Iwate University (Prof. Mamoru Baba at Faculty of Engineering).

Voltage and charge/discharge for 100-cell battery. Click to enlarge.

A key feature of the battery is that it is produced from solid materials, thereby solving the problem of leaking liquid electrolyte. This prevents the risk of ignition or explosion caused by heating that has been a problem with conventional rechargeable batteries.

The battery consists of an inner Ag-Pd electrode; a Li-containing complex oxide active material; and a Li-Si-P oxide solid electrolyte. The structure consists of a solid electrolyte formed into sheet with an electrode active paste printed on it. A high number of the sheets with active paste are then stacked and fired at one time.

NAMICS has built batteries with 30 cell layers, 100 layers and 150 layers.

(A hat-tip to Stephen!)



Micro cells, power?


Interesting. Ag-Pd electrode; would this be expensive??


It could be expensive and not much of a battery if you look at the curves. This is a lab effort to show it can be done, it might have some applications.


Is this similar to the solid state batteries that Toyota has been working on for the last 5-10 years?


I doubt it, these don't store much nor do much, but they store for a long time. Certain applications could use them.

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