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Ford and Sollers form new JV in Russia; letter of intent for $1.4B in long term financing

Remy awarded electric motor contract by ALTe

Remy has been awarded a three-year contract for electric motors by ALTe Powertrain Technologies. Under the agreement, Remy HVH 250 electric motors (earlier post) will act as an onboard generator to recharge batteries and deliver electric drivetrain traction power for ALTe’s hybrid vehicle powertrain conversions.

ALTe develops range-extended electric powertrains for the commercial, government and utility fleet industry, with a focus on light- to medium-sized delivery trucks, vans, and shuttle buses. The mass-produced and assembled electric propulsion systems can be installed in 14 hours and are projected to provide an initial 30 miles of all-electric driving, followed by an estimated 275 miles (443 km) in a charge-sustained mode, before needing to be recharged or refueled.

Fuel economy is projected to increase up to 200% with no loss in cargo capacity, increased torque, and comparable horsepower and towing capability when compared to a factory V8 engine.



Converting 100+ million existing gas guzzlers could be a very quick way to reduce oil consumption and importation.


That is an amazing motor, I do not know what it costs however. The ALTe people are into converting pickups to PHEV and cost does not seem to be a major factor.


They may be aiming at markets where emissions are more of a factor than pure fuel economy. A shuttle bus which spends much of its time waiting for passengers on the lower deck of a 2-level roadway at an airport is a very good place to have a vehicle with a zero-emissions operating mode.


That is why the EPIC EV minivan from Chrysler 10 years ago was such a great idea. They could pick passengers up without gassing all the other people with exhaust fumes.

They ran on NiMH batteries and were quick charged in less than an hour. I heard no problems with the program, but it just disappeared when there was a change in Federal administration.



Deniers will never believe that the previous Administration took many questionable decisions and accelerated the move to Asia of many USA industries.

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