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SAE to hold 2011 Vehicle Battery Summit in November in Shanghai

SAE International will hold the 2011 Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai, 14-15 November 2011. Designed to integrate the most recent battery innovations with lessons learned in recent EV/PHEV commercialization efforts, this year’s Summit will build significantly on the knowledge presented at last year’s highly successful (2010) Summit.

Last September, nearly 300 engineering and corporate decision makers from leading battery, automotive, energy storage/distribution companies and their suppliers gathered in Shanghai to discuss Li-ion battery innovations and research as well as their implications for the market penetration of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Featuring nearly thirty speakers from nine different countries and delegates from 17 countries, last year’s Summit offered a global view of Li-ion battery technology and EV/PHEV industries worldwide.

This year’s Summit will provide updates on the latest progress and plans for lithium-based battery technologies and research as well as their implications for worldwide markets.

The Summit will be chaired by Dr. Menahem Anderman, President of Advanced Automotive Batteries and founder of Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

The Summit will feature more than 20 in-depth presentations organized across four sessions: Electrified Vehicle Market Development chaired by Dr. Anderman; Innovations in Cell Chemistry for Energy Storage chaired by Steven J. Visco, Polyplus Battery Company; Battery Design for Safety and Extended Life chaired by Dr. Robert Spotnitz of Battery Design LLC; and Battery Pack Integration and Charging Challenges and Solutions chaired by Dr. Zhenxing Fu of Shanghai E-Propulsion Auto Technology Company (SAIC).

A China Keynote will also address China’s key role in the global development of Li-ion batteries and EV/PHEV markets as outlined in China’s 12th Five Year Plan and the Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Development Plans.


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