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Navy successfully test flies MH 60S Seahawk helicopter on a 50/50 blend of algal-derived Solajet HRJ-5 jet fuel

The US Navy recently successfully demonstrated Solazyme’s 100% algal-derived jet fuel, Solajet HRJ-5, in an MH-60S Seahawk helicopter test flight in a 50/50 blend with petroleum-derived jet fuel. This marks the first military aircraft to fly on an algal-based jet fuel.

The test flight preceded the announcement by ASTM International that it had preliminarily approved biofuel from algae and other renewable sources to be blended with traditional jet fuel on commercial flights worldwide, with formal approval expected sometime soon. (Earlier post.)

Honeywell UOP was the refining partner on the jet fuel delivery, and has been working with Solazyme since 2009 on multiple contracts with the US military.

To date, Solazyme is the only company to provide the US Navy with microbially-derived advanced aviation and marine fuel. These advanced biofuels are drop-in replacements to petroleum-based fuel, requiring no modification to engines or military logistics infrastructure. The fuels also meet Section 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.



"This marks the first military aircraft to fly on an algal-based jet fuel." I thought this happened years ago, but glad it has happen.


The DOD will be glad to get non petroleum fuels, the SPR will only last just so long if it hits the fan and imported oil is cut off.

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