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The G-Station system. Click to enlarge.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and TMC’s customer-service IT company Toyota Media Service have co-developed a charger for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs). Sales of the charger, called G-Station, are planned to start in Japan through Toyota Media Service in July.

The G-Station features a contact-less smart-card recognition function, and can connect via the Internet with the Toyota Smart Center, which uses a global cloud platform recently announced as a co-development project with Microsoft Corporation. (Earlier post.)

Toyota is introducing two models (Type A and Type B). Both are rated single-phase 200VAC 50/60 Hz, with continuous rated current of 15A.

Users can receive e-mails informing them that charging is complete and can also check, using a smartphone or a mobile phone, the location and availability of chargers. By identifying the user through smart card verification, charger administrators can access use history, bill the user or award points according to use time, and monitor use of the charger remotely. The administrator can also attach supplementary information to the G-station location information it sends. In addition, the location of chargers can be displayed and set as a destination on G-BOOK-compatible navigation systems and Smart G-BOOK, an information service for smartphones. G-Book is a TMC-developed telematics system and service

Furthermore, information from the Toyota Smart Center regarding charger location and availability will be in an open format, allowing the information to be displayed on maps on the Internet and on navigation systems produced by other manufacturers.

G-Station, compatible with the proposed Japanese EV and PHV charging methods and usable with both Toyota and non-Toyota vehicles, will be available in Type A (standard) and Type B (advanced) versions. TMC says that Type A, priced at ¥280,000 (US$3,480) for the main unit (not including tax), will be the industry’s most affordably priced charger with a telecommunications function.

In addition to selling G-Station to Toyota dealers nationwide, Toyota Media Service also plans to expand sales to such locations as shopping malls and family-style restaurants. Cumulative sales of around 3,000 G-Station units are expected by the end of 2012.

TMC will display the G-Station at the Toyota booth at the Smart Grid Exhibition 2011 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 15–17 June.


Bob Wallace

Rather than using a smart card sign-in a better approach might be to use a code number installed in the individual car. And let car settings determine how much charge is delivered, some people might want only five miles to get them home.

Also, make cell phone notification an option. That would likely get people to move off of the charge spot quicker so that the facility is freed for other users.


Good ideas Bob, wireless and pay point methods work for toll road payments, they can work for charging.


"Toyota Smart Center, which uses a global cloud platform recently announced as a co-development project with Microsoft Corporation."

And while you're charging, why not listen to a couple tunes parked up in your cloud? Like maybe the Stones - "Get Off My..." well, you know.


When I get an EV, I do NOT want it texting me or anyone, while charging or driving.

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