Johnson Controls to invest $138.5M in Toledo battery facility to support start-stop market; projecting 70-92% demand globally for start-stop systems in new vehicles by 2020
DSM acquiring C5 Yeast Company to strengthen position in cellulosic ethanol

Westport to work with GM to develop advanced natural gas engine technology for light-duty vehicles

Westport Innovations Inc. has entered into an agreement with General Motors to help develop advanced natural gas engine technology for light-duty vehicles. Both General Motors and Westport will bring their expertise to developing natural gas engine controls, emissions and performance strategies.

To support OEM programs, Westport plans to add research and development facilities, such as a new Technical Center in Michigan. Westport currently has approximately 15 people in Farmington Hills, MI; the company said it will add more people and invest in facilities as demand grows for natural gas-powered, alternative-fuel vehicles.

Hybridization, lower-displacement with turbo charging, direct injection and other fuel-saving technologies now being applied to gasoline and diesel engines, can also be applied to natural gas fueled engines for even greater improvements in efficiency and fuel cost savings.

—John Lapetz, Westport’s Light-Duty Division Managing Director, North American Vehicle Programs

Earlier this month, Westport entered into a share purchase agreement to purchase Italy-based Emer S.p.A., a leading fuel system provider in the compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry. The combined operations, under Westport’s Juniper Engines business, will offer a complete systems solution to OEMs.

Westport’s recent announcement regarding the planned acquisition of Emer S.p.A., of Italy, is an integral part of our strategy to provide partners, such as GM, with the most advanced integrated solutions.

—Ian Scott, President of Westport’s Light-Duty Division


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