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ACAL Energy and Gordon Murray Design to develop fuel cell vehicle based on FlowCath technology

ACAL Energy is partnering with automotive design experts Gordon Murray Design in a 12-month project to design a very low cost, durable fuel cell vehicle utilizing it platinum-free FlowCath fuel cell technology (earlier post). The 12-month project is funded by the Technology Strategy Board under its Low Carbon Vehicle program.

The study will be led by Gordon Murray Design, and combines ACAL Energy’s novel Flowcath technology with Gordon Murray Design’s iStream concept, which allows for fast, low-cost production of light-weight vehicles.

ACAL Energy recently completed its current fund-raising round, securing total investments of £6.1 million (US$9.8 million). Gordon Murray recently unveiled the T.27 electric city car. (Earlier post.)

FlowCath replaces the expensive precious metal catalyst found in conventional fuel cells with a proprietary low cost liquid catalyst, reducing the cost of the fuel cell and improving durability and reliability benefits through system simplification and the elimination of the most common failure mechanisms found in standard fuel cells.



This technology has been in the development stage for the last 5+ years or so. Will it reach all claimed goals in the next 12 months. If so, it could be a boost to FC vehicles.

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