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With the recent certification of its EV fast charging system, AeroVironment now has received certification and listing from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for six electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

AeroVironment says it is the first company to provide a full lineup of chargers listed with UL, expanding the possibilities for both home and public charging in a multitude of locations so that drivers can refuel their EVs with confidence, no matter where they are.

AeroVironment’s UL-listed product offering includes smart grid-enabled home charging stations; commercial AC charging stations; high-power DC fast charging stations that can fully charge a vehicle in minutes; and a standard 120 Volt AC charging cord that can be used with every EV and plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Public and commercial charging stations offer point-of-sale payment options and smart-grid connectivity.

In addition to these core products, AeroVironment offers hardware and software systems that round out the line. Additional systems include EVBoost, a roadside assistance charging system for repair and tow service companies, and Web and mobile phone applications that link drivers remotely to their charging network for route planning and wireless payment.

AeroVironment’s UL-listed product suite includes:

  • Home AC charging station (EVSE-RS)
  • Home AC charging station with smart grid capability (EVSE-RS+)
  • Commercial AC charging station – with smart grid capability (EVSE-CS)
  • Public DC fast charging station – with smart grid capability (EV50-PS)
  • Fleet DC fast charging station – with smart grid capability (EV50-FS)
  • 120VAC cord standard charging cord - can be used with all EVs and PHEVs (EVSE-CT)



Despite the immediate demand for fast charge - these early innovators are well positioned to make good money down the road. With the introduction of incredibly low cost, excess heat generators, the cost of electricity will plummet. Charging your vehicle at home will cost pennies (after gen cost) and in the field, electricity will be a give away convenience to get you to shop or eat at a restaurant.

Chargers will cost far more than the energy they dispense.

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