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BAE Systems and Crane Carrier Company partner on heavy-duty parallel hybrid-electric propulsion systems for refuse trucks

BAE Systems has entered into an agreement with Crane Carrier Company, a US market leader in the refuse collection vehicle (RCV) industry, to integrate a heavy-duty hybrid electric propulsion system into one of its vehicles. The new alliance will perform field trials this year with a plan for Crane Carrier Company to offer HybriDrive powered vehicles to the market by the end of 2012.

This alliance will introduce the use of the HybriDrive parallel system (earlier post) into the North American RCV market and is part of BAE Systems’ broader strategic initiative to address a range of heavy-duty truck vocations that also will include construction, pick-up and delivery, and utility.

The HybriDrive parallel system is based on a single electric machine integrated between the engine and the transmission. The system can be installed with minimal impact to the vehicle, and enhances propulsion through an optimized blending of internal combustion engine power and electric power.

The HybriDrive parallel systems’ power and torque ratings range from 95 - 145 hp (71 - 108 kW) and 300 - 400 lb-ft (407 - 542 N·m). The system is designed to support large-bore heavy-duty power plants ranging from 350 hp to 600 hp (261 to 447 kW), with associated torque ratings of 750 to 2,150 lb-ft (1,017 to 2,915 N·m).

The new parallel system—the latest member of BAE Systems HybriDrive family—complements and draws upon the company’s HybriDrive series hybrid system, currently deployed in more than 3,500 transit buses across North America and Europe.

BAE Systems has formed similar relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers in the transit bus market for its HybriDrive series product in Europe and North America.

BAE Systems has produced hybrid propulsion systems for city transit buses since 1998. Buses equipped with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive series system have travelled more than 300 million miles and transport more than two million passengers a day in cities across the UK and North America that include London, Manchester, Oxford, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Houston, and Seattle.


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