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Chevrolet confirms diesel variant for Cruze in North America in 2013

Chevrolet confirmed it will add a diesel variant to the Cruze lineup in North America in calendar year 2013. Diesel versions of the Cruze are currently being sold in Europe. Additional details on the Cruze diesel for North American markets will be released at a later date.

Cruze recorded a total of 24,896 sales in the United States in June, the fifth consecutive month sales have exceeded 20,000. The success of the Cruze has increased Chevrolet’s total share of the compact-car segment from 9.5% a year ago to 11.9% for the first five months of 2011, even as the segment size grew 19%.

The diesel will bolster the already fuel-efficient Cruze lineup. The Cruze Eco with a standard six-speed manual transmission delivers an EPA-rated 42 mpg on the highway.



Surprise, surprise --- an American diesel car sold in the US!



Nick Lyons

Interesting. Will this inspire Ford to bring their Focus diesel to compete? Will Honda sell a diesel Civic on these shores?

I wonder how the added expense of the diesel compares to the option of putting GMs eAssist system into the Cruze as an alternative way to boost mileage.


This is great news! I am genuinely surprised too. I'd like to see more Diesels in the US, and also more hybrids, more plug-in hybrids, more electrics across the board. The more choices consumers have the more likely it is they'll choose a more fuel efficient car. There are at least some people out there who buy a gas guzzler because they want a specific car, but if they had the option of buying the same car with more efficient engine they'd make that choice.


Better thirty years late than never.


There used to be a Honda Accord diesel, but I don't see it on Honda's website.

Chevy is ten years too late to get me with this car, and my next car's going to be a plug-in. Maybe the Volt will be sufficiently suitable and available when I'm looking again in a few years.

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