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As the price of R134a refrigerant continues to rise, Delphi has introduced four air conditioning (A/C) recharging stations to its service portfolio that utilize an efficient method of recovering as much refrigerant from the car as possible to help garages lessen their refrigerant costs, while helping to protect the environment.

Each system features a patented aluminium manifold, which delivers efficient refrigerant recovery, enhanced leak protection, and easier assembly and access for quick, accurate recovery and recharging of both passenger and commercial vehicle thermal systems, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

The recharging stations also feature a coalescent filter with a novel method of returning oil to the recovery compressor, ensuring a longer life. This enables Delphi to provide a two-year warranty on its recovery machines, as well as help reduce the number one failure when conducting compressor recovery and recharging, lack of lubrication. Non-condensable gas is automatically discharged using a controlled and environmentally safe method to avoid a potentially dangerous pressure build-up.

All four systems deliver high-precision recovery and recharging for new and older vehicle models, and are also compatible with the specialist air conditioning technologies fitted to hybrid and electric vehicles. They also decrease the amount of refrigerant used, thereby reducing costs. In addition, Delphi offers a range of recharging tools such as UV dyes and air conditioning oils, as well as training courses to ensure proper methods of recharging, recovery and systems maintenance.

In October at Equip’ Auto 2011 in Paris, France, Delphi will introduce a recharging system compliant with European government regulations regarding HFO-R1234yf, the refrigerant replacing the current standard, R134a, beginning with 2011 new production vehicle models. This new station, optimized for HFO-R1234yf, will debut at Delphi’s press conference.


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