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Hino Trucks approves the use of B20 biodiesel

Hino Trucks’ complete product line of class 4 and 5 cab over, and class 6 and 7 conventional trucks are now approved to use up to B20 biodiesel.

All 2011 and 2012 model year cab over and conventional trucks powered exclusively with Hino’s proprietary J-Series engines are approved to use biodiesel B20 blends that contain biofuel blend stock (B100) compliant to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6751, and blended fuel compliant to ASTM D975. B20 biodiesel meeting these standards is also approved for use in Hino’s newly announced diesel-electric hybrid cab over due to enter the market late this fall.

Hino trucks built prior to the 2011 model year are approved to use B5 biodiesel. All biodiesel fuels used in Hino trucks must be purchased from a fuel handler licensed under BQ9000.

Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, assembles, sells, and services Class 4-7 conventional and cab over engine commercial trucks in the United States. The headquarters is located in Novi, Michigan.


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Biodiesel is one of the good option for the traditional fissile fuel. 35% of the total fuel get used by the commercial vehicles and if the biodiesel used as the alternative for Commercial trucks then we able to save more fuel than in any other type.

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