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Mexican Interjet Flight 2605 making first commercial round-trip flight with Honeywell Green Jet Fuel

Following a series of successful demonstration flights and approval of the fuel for commercial transportation through ASTM International, Mexican airline Interjet today is operating the first round trip commercial passenger flight using Honeywell Green Jet Fuel derived from locally sourced jatropha. Interjet flight 2605 MEX-TUX on an Airbus A320-214 departed from Mexico City bound for Tuxtla Gutierrez (about 800 km or 497 miles).

The fuel for the flight was produced using process technology developed by Honeywell UOP. At a 50/50 blend, the Green Jet Fuel is a drop-in replacement that meets all specifications for flight with no changes to the aircraft or engine. Made from sustainable sources, such the jatropha used for Interjet’s flight, Green Jet Fuel also offers as much as an 85% net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum-based jet fuel, according to Honeywell.

We applaud Interjet for their commitment to advancing the use of biofuels on commercial passenger flights. Now that ASTM approval is in place, commercial passenger flights like this one are the next step towards widespread adoption of aviation biofuels on a large-scale, and we expect to see more and more airlines joining this effort to reduce CO2 emissions and our dependence on traditional sources for fuel.

—Jim Rekoske, vice president and general manager for Honeywell UOP’s Renewable Energy and Chemicals business


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