Azure Dynamics to begin integrating plug-in hybrid technology in Ford F-Series Super-Duty Trucks; F-550 is first in 2013
Süd-Chemie lays foundation for largest cellulosic ethanol plant in Germany

Johnson Controls invests in Odyne; JCS to be preferred supplier for Li-ion for Odyne PHEV systems

Odyne Systems, LLC, a provider of hybrid systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) have completed both an investment agreement and a long-term hybrid master supply agreement. Under the new agreements, Johnson Controls has made a strategic investment in Odyne to fund expansion and to accelerate wide-scale commercialization of Odyne’s hybrid systems for work trucks. Additionally, Odyne designates Johnson Controls-Saft as a Preferred Supplier of advanced lithium-ion battery systems for its plug-in hybrid system.

The Odyne plug-in hybrid system significantly increases a large truck’s efficiency through operation of the hybrid system on the road and use of the large battery system at the job site. Odyne’s modular system can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing vehicles to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and operate quietly at the job site.

This is the first phase of a multi-stage investment on the part of JCI and is in line with a broader investment and growth strategy at Odyne. Johnson Controls shares our passion for innovation and delivery of reliable, advanced hybrid system solutions, and we look forward to the new partnership.

—Joe Dalum, President and CEO of Odyne Systems


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