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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will begin global proving tests this month of an electric vehicle (EV) based on the compact commercial vehicle NV200. For the first phase, the Japan Post Service Co. Ltd. will carry out a test in Japan. The NV200 was recently chosen as the next generation New York taxi (earlier post), with the prospects for an electric version beginning in 2017.

Japan Post Service Co. test car. Click to enlarge.

One electric NV200 test vehicle will be provided to carry out postal collection and delivery tasks for approximately two months in the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, to evaluate the vehicle’s capabilities under a customer’s normal usage conditions. Later, similar proving tests will be carried out both in Japan and Europe, where similar evaluations will be carried out with other companies.

The role that can be played by zero emissions vehicles in promoting a balance between economic growth and environmental protection in the realm of logistics is large. We will certainly reflect the customer feedback gained from these proving tests in our future product development, and I expect that our commercial electric vehicles based on the NV200 will contribute to our customers’ business and to the development of a sustainable society.

—Nissan Corporate Vice President Hideto Murakami, responsible for the Global LCV Business Unit

The NV200 is available in Japan and Europe since FY2009 and China and Singapore from FY2010, and future launches are planned for the US and India. In total, the NV200 is sold in approximately 40 countries throughout the world.



Question: This is identified as a very good vehicle now but will it not be a bit outdated (or even better-improved) in 2017 when it arrives as NY City taxis?


Unnecessarily big for a NYC taxi. Why drag all that weight around when a simple Prius works as well, more efficiently? NY taxis must be built for extreme hard service - shocks, wheels, drive train etc.

The best taxi would be a BEV built on a heavy duty chassis. The limited number of drivetrain components will dramatically lower maintenance cost. And of course fuel will be cheaper than gas.


What? Is this newsworthy?

One electric NV200 test vehicle will be provided.

NYC will get more in 2017?

Did I miss something?


Taxis need to be large because of limited mobility passengers and such. Oh and its noteworthy because the gas version is becoming the nyc taxi with the bev version to also likely become the nyc taxi of 2017 timeframe.


A good choice for NY City cabs. Others will follow.


Headline says;
"Nissan begins global proving tests for NV200-based EVs for compact commercial market"

Text says:
"One electric NV200 test vehicle will be provided."

Ho hum.


Nissan has said that the NV-200 will be electrified. They will do it.
How many electrified versions. Nobody knows. Will they produce HEV, PHEV and BEV versions?

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