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Latest UMTRI Eco-Driving Index shows 14% reduction of emissions per driver of newly purchased vehicles in US in April 2011 compared to October 2007

Rasmussen poll finds 51% say US should force oil companies to use profits to develop alternative energy; down 10 percentage points from 2006

According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, likely voters in the US strongly believe the country is not doing enough to explore alternative sources of energy, and most still think oil companies should devote big money to searching for those types of energy.

  • 72% think the country is not doing enough to explore alternative energy sources; 19% feel the United States is already doing enough to develop alternative sources of energy

  • 51% say the federal government should pass laws requiring oil companies to use a significant portion of their profits to search for alternative sources of energy. 31% oppose laws of this kind, while another 19% are not sure which is the best course. In June 2008 when energy policy was a top campaign issue, 61% favored requiring oil companies to spend a large share of their profits to find alternative energy sources, and 22% were opposed.

  • 65% of voters agree that private companies are more likely than a government research program to solve the nation’s energy problems, an 18-point jump from three years ago. 20% have more confidence in a government program to provide an energy solution. 15% are undecided.

The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters US Voters was conducted on June 26-27, 2011 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC.



Why use force? Why use more mandates, regulations, bureaucracies and government spending which have mixed results (usually poor results which get us deeper in debt & take away more of our freedoms)? Why not use free market capitalistic incentives? Make renewable energy companies tax-exempt until further notice --- no corporate taxes, no capital gains taxes.


"... Why not use free market capitalistic incentives? ..."

Ah capitalism, the cause of- and solution to all of the world's problems... is there anybody out there that truly believes that 'companies' give a damn about anything except their own profit and securing that profit for the foreseeable future? seriously? If there wasn't at least a glimmer of future wealth with EVs and renewables, no company would even commence R&D on these notions. As it now, they do it only grudgingly.

This is precisely why China is going to crush the western world economically, technologically, AND --haha-- this is the rub, environmentally in the next 20-50 years- and only because the key to success is the interdependence of those three items - all together or nothing. Profiteering and corporate self-indulgence is kept on a tighter leash there (and its certainly helps with the technology piracy and lack of standards in the country). This 'false scarcity' chaos called 'market forces' in the western world will eventually diminish to mediocrity compared to a planned system where government corruption is small potatoes compared to the 'profitable business model' or that idea won't see the light of day' of the G7 corporate world. I, for one, welcome the time when our brightest and best decide to leave the western world's entrepreneurial and innovative hypocrisy. I choose govt corruption and lack of human rights to corporate corruption, nepotism and selfishness any day.


Er, Jer... before you rush off to Beijing, take a look at who the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to this year. A jailed Chinese lawyer who campaigns for human rights. Ooops... maybe only the dimmest would want to live in a country like that.

As for oilcos spending on alternatives. Ha ha ha. Too late. MIT has just acknowledged LANR/CF experiments over the past 20 years proving that in fact Pons and Fleischman were correct. Over unity energy exists and is out in the wide open. Both oilcos and centralized utilities face the music. It sounds dirge-like.

Bye, bye, fossil fuel.


Fusion is the future...the distance future. Whether it's cold or hot we won't see fusion saying "Bye, bye, fossil fuel" until fossil fuel has gone bye bye because of other reasons.


Jer states it quite well – in his reverse way.

He implies China is a land of govt corruption and lack of human rights

Corporate corruption is basically businesses buying politicians and/or govt employees.

Businesses acknowledged mission is to make a profit for the people that are the shareholders that own the business; buying politicians is not contrary to the mission but it is graft – it may serve their owners but it is illegal, not like embezzlement maybe - more like speeding.

Politicians & govt employees acknowledged mission is to serve the people; selling themselves is directly contrary to their mission and is illegal, like embezzlement.

So there is actually no corporate corruption; greed – yes but the corruption is by the govt employee/politician side. Like a crooked Mexican cop, he is the problem, much more so than the hapless motorist.

It is generally accepted by sentient beings that nepotism in the family or a privately owned business is just good family values (or poor management) but not a problem for the bystander. In a publicly held business, it is rare, and the damage is usually limited to the shareholders.

In govt it is usually disastrous (unless they are so f**ked up already, it makes no difference).

Selfishness is the what makes capitalism work. It’s like survival of the fittest, if it is allowed to flourish it will, automatically. Even China is riding this train. The need for “good will” and laws hopefully keep it in check.

Fusion is a soft drink, not a source of power.

Aaron Turpen

Given that roughly 1/3 of our population works for government now (either directly, indirectly through "contractors" or via welfare), add in the professors and professional academics who've never touched a real job in their lives or had to run a business and I can see where you'd find 51% of Americans willing to point guns at a business sector and FORCE them to pay for something.

Of course, Jar the anti-capitalist ignores two things about the free market approach given by ejj: the INCENTIVE for them to do "good" is to exempt them from taxation and other costs. End oil subsidies and then give them tax reasons to look at alternatives and they'll do it.

As for "grudgingly" going about the alt research... WRONG. Why is every major car maker looking at hydrogen fuel cells when they are 1) not the darling of the "greenies" and 2) get little or nothing from the fed gov? Probably because they will WORK.


The reason they're looking at hydrogen fuel cells is because the infrastructure you need to fuel/maintain them will keep the car buying public on the hook in the same way oil does. If America is addicted to oil hydrogen fuel cells are just the newest drug the dealers are pushing.

This is why they are not selling BEVs or if they do they add some unneeded complication like induction panel charging and can't-buy-leases. BEVs can be made so simple any car own should be able to fix them and to recharge them from home.


DIY kills the profits from servicing. When I last bought a new car I got 6 calls (in the first year!!) from the dealer telling me I needed to bring it in for an oil change... Ka-Ching!


Let's say all laws, regulation, enforcement, taxes, minimum wage, worker safety, product liability and all the rest were abolished tomorrow. Then we would see that the so called free market is dog eat dog back stabbing with survival of the meanest and deepest pockets. Then watch how many free market proponents begin to long for the days of a level playing field, a fair game with clear rules and capable referees.


People here seem to be ignoring the giant elephant in the room. Official acknowledgment of the existence and experimental viability of over-unity energy is here. NOW. That puts ALL other alternatives on notice and guarantees the swan song of the oilcos. Maybe not overnight - but remarkably fast.

Since there are already many different implementations of excess heat producing reactions. Not to mention Randy Mills' CIHT ramie nickle catalyst with yields of up to 8x input power. Mills already has published plans for a simple 10kW generator. Andrea Rossi has a 25kW unit awaiting international patent.

The future is here. It is called Energy Independence and CHP appliances in single and multi-family residences are the primary products. 100W in --> 10kW out at a capital cost of $10-15k and $30/month fuel.

Real question is - who is going to capitalize first? Daimler? GE? Honda? Bosch, Nyle??

Classical physics has changed. There is a huge new field to study and develop from. Anyone claiming these breakthroughs will not be implemented in the next twenty years - takes the position of old school oilcos and utilities. Bye, bye to both.


Let's say all laws, regulation, enforcement and taxes were abolished tomorrow. We would have anarchy, which has, predictably for most of us, NOT proven to be the best form of society.

Minimum wage, worker safety, product liability, life/car/home insurance and all the rest brings some socialism into the mix.

But since the US is the strongest, most affluent, most (or at least equal to any) free society in the world, now or ever;
maybe we should be careful emulating all the socialistic regulations and restriction of other societies.

When we strive to make all people equal, not in opportunity but in material goods and power, we risk the guarantee that all, however inert, should benefit equally from the work of others and all, however inept should be given leadership; just to prove we impose no standards.

“A level playing field, a fair game with clear rules and capable referees” does not mean the laziest underachievers get the fruits of efforts by the achievers.

I think the underachievers (and dreamers) would rather we all be increasingly fettered than they face the truth, they are underachievers (or illogical dreamers).


The future is here. It is called Energy Independence and CHP appliances in single and multi-family residences are the primary products. 100W in --> 10kW out at a capital cost of $10-15k and $30/month fuel.

Sounds great! When are you buying yours?



Like I said, you will never get it.


I will likely NEVER get it - I face reality and facing reality increases resistance to mental disease.


TT, "reality" is a set of rules made by a a group of people - usually those who benefit most from that set of rules. For everyone else, "reality" is what they choose to make it.

For too long now a small band of rather lazy overseers have fabricated rules to enforce a "reality" that benefits their rather lazy lifestyle. That's coming to an end.

No big deal really. Just maybe the lazy ones'll have to move on to a new star system and find some new suckers. Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY everyone!!



it looks like Panasonic will be the first with their ENER-FARM CHP units. Granted these do not use new physics and will be fueled conventionally. However, they DO pave the way to a brighter, lighter future!


Granted these do not use new physics and will be fueled conventionally.

Then they don't count as support for Andrea Rossi's claims, do they?

CHP units? Sure, I'm all for that.


"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." ~Philip K. Dick


He is dead in this world who has no belief in another.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Goethe vs Dick?


We'll stick with very low cost ($0.051/Kwh) abundant, clean, extremely reliable, hydro power for 100% of our home energy use and certainly for our future (2015-2020?) extended range e-vehicles.

By 2013/2015, smart meters will allow variable tariffs for lower cost night time charging. Installations have stated and over 3,000,000 should be installed by mid-2015. V2G will not be required for decades because we have a large current and potential hydro and wind power surplus.


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)


An excellent response ai_... Voltaire cautions against those who claim "reality" demands militant behavior.


Harvey, I think Canada will eventually have the liberating task of de-commissioning all that hydro. returning rivers and lakes to their natural state - will be a future task for environmentalists.

They will do so because the need to transmit energy great distances via wires will disappear. Why block up rivers and lakes and pay huge maintenance and infrastructure costs when you can generate your own energy at home? For costs around $.01/kWh???

To survive at all the hydro and central energy businesses will have to deliver more services for MUCH lower cost than ever before. The windfall profits will disappear. The gravy train is headed off track.


Reel$$. In our area, Hydro is here to stay and expand rapidly with co-located wind power. The current 45,000 mega-watts of Hydro power will be almost doubled by 2050 or so. Co-located wind power will grow even more from 2,000 mega-watts to as much as 30,000 mega-watts by 2060 or so.

No home system can (yet) match the cost, reliability, efficiency and durability of large hydro power plants. Charging 4,000,000 + future Electrified vehicles is not a challenge for us. Low cost e-energy will be there.

Environmentalists should worry more about 100+ million home power units than a few dozen hydro power plants and wind turbines.

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