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Toyota to sell RAV4 EV to public and fleets in 2012

Toyota will bring the RAV4 EV (earlier post) to market in 2012. Contrary to some reports, Toyota said, the RAV4 EV will definitely be sold to the general public as well as to fleet users. Toyota said that it anticipated “robust” public interest in the RAV4 EV and is keen to inform consumers that their future vehicle options include a battery-electric Toyota.

Toyota will bring two battery electric vehicles to the market in 2012: the RAV4 EV and the Scion iQ EV. While the RAV4 EV will be available to the public, the Scion iQ EV will be marketed to fleet and car sharing programs only.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, unveiled the second-generation Toyota RAV4 EV demonstrator vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010. A small fleet of these Phase Zero vehicles—essentially converted RAV4s—are being used in a demonstration and evaluation program through 2011. Tesla Motors is supplying the battery and other related components. The RAV4 EV sold in 2012 will be a fully re-engineered RAV4 EV (Phase One vehicle).


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