Global Bioenergies receives €475K funding from French innovation agency OSEO to support industrialization of bacteria-produced isobutene
Battery-electric Mitsubishi i EPA-rated at 112 MPGe combined, 62 mile ”real-world” range; solar-powered CHAdeMO-compliant charging station

Report: Biomass-to-Liquids company Choren declares insolvency

Reuters reports that German biomass-to-liquids (BTL) company Choren Industries GmbH has declared insolvency. Choren, a supplier of gasification technologies for the production of synthesis gas from carbonaceous solids, is building a BTL test plant in Germany.

The reason for the insolvency was financial difficulties with the start up of the company’s test plant, said a statement from interim insolvency administrator Kanzlei Kuebler. The plant is being built in Freiberg in south Germany to produce about 15,000 tonnes a year of biomass-to-liquid (BTL) fuels largely using wood products and wood-based waste.

The company will continue operations and it is hoped to start talks with new investors shortly, Kuebler said.

Subsidiaries in China and the US are not covered by the insolvency declaration, Kuebler said.



This is sad to see, but I hope the investment money keeps coming for bio and synthetic fuels, we have to loosen the grip of OPEC soon.

Henry Gibson

Synthetic fuels yes.

Biofuels failed when the roman empire denuded many slopes all around the Mediteranee. ..HG..

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