Hino Trucks approves the use of B20 biodiesel
NEC introduces Li-ion household energy storage and control system

Sony in talks with automakers to make Li-ion batteries for EVs

Nikkei. Sony Corp. is in talks with several automakers inside and outside of Japan to make lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles from the middle of the 2010s, a company executive said.

“We will consider building factories, including one overseas, if demand becomes full blown,” Sony Senior Vice President Shigeki Ishizuka told reporters at a new factory for building battery devices in Motomiya, Fukushima Prefecture. The company will also consider developing batteries for gasoline-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, Ishizuka said.

The Japanese electronics maker is currently developing a lithium-ion battery with a long life that is resistant to deterioration even when recharged repeatedly.

Sony has developed 1.2 kWh energy storage modules using rechargeable Li-ion batteries with olivine-type lithium-ion iron phosphate as the cathode material. (Earlier post.) Used in conjunction with a control device, the module can be as a backup power supply for data servers or cell phone reception towers. Alternatively it can be an energy storage system for residential use.

In addition, the module can be incorporated into recharging stations for electric vehicles as the technology for the built-in rechargeable olivine-type lithium-ion iron phosphate cells facilitates rapid recharging and high power output.



This is good news. Sony has developed high performance batteries and can certainly do better in future years. One more major player for modular EV batteries is very positive for improved future HEVs/PHEVs and BEVs.


Watch these large Japanese, German and US international corps start announcing entry into the global energy market. They sense the end of play from old fossils - and lucrative opportunities in new physics. These players have vision.

The old school, oilcos, utilities, government will be left flat-footed and foolish. Energy Independence is here. Now. Resistance is futile.

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