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Virginia Clean Cities requests proposals from Southeastern fleets interested in converting to propane Autogas

The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) and Virginia Clean Cities (VCC) at James Madison University (JMU) are requesting proposals from fleets in the southeastern US interested in converting eligible gasoline vehicles to run on propane autogas. The application deadline is Friday, 12 August 2011, at 5pm EDT.

Funding to cover the parts and labor for vehicle conversions will be provided under the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program. This is the second phase of funding availability under the Program, which began in December 2009 and will continue through 2013.

Fleets in the following states are welcome to submit proposals: Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Washington DC. Both public and private fleets may participate, but must have a minimum of 10 eligible vehicles to convert. Vehicles should be of at least $5,800 in value and covered by current EPA Certifications for propane autogas operation.

The Program’s financial assistance supports the procurement of conversion equipment, labor costs associated with conversion, and refueling infrastructure needed for on-demand autogas refueling. It also includes extensive training and marketing support, along with numerous outreach and educational opportunities.

The Program utilizes the PRINS VSI propane autogas bi-fuel conversion system and certified technicians to perform all installations. Fueling infrastructure will be provided by Alliance AutoGas, and co-founding partner Blossman Gas will supply fleets with propane autogas fuel.

The Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program is a Virginia Clean Cities project partially funded by a Department of Energy-Clean Cities American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant. The grant was awarded to the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, and Virginia Clean Cities at James Madison University is the Principle Investigator.

All eligible public or private fleet operations are welcome to apply. Visit for complete information on eligible vehicles and application procedures. Questions can be directed to Jamison Walker with Virginia Clean Cities at [email protected].


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