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A123 Systems in 20 sourced and production transportation programs with its Li-ion batteries

A123 Systems is currently in production on 10 transportation programs with its Li-ion batteries and has been sourced for production on an additional 10, according to the company’s current investor presentation.

A123 Systems says it has 20 production programs and a growing development pipeline. Click to enlarge.

Last week, GM and A123 Systems announced they will co-develop cells with A123 Systems’ nanophosphate battery chemistry for use in GM’s electric drive E-Flex system. (Earlier post.) The agreement is expected to expedite the development of the batteries for both electric plug-in vehicles and fuel cell variants of the E-Flex architecture. (Earlier post.)

A123 is targeting three primary markets: transportation, grid storage, and commercial (e.g., telecomm, medical systems, material handling, industrial controls).

Within transportation, in the passenger vehicle sector, it says it has sourced and production programs with BMW, Fisker, and SAIC. In the commercial vehicle sector, it has sourced and production programs with BAE, Daimler, Eaton, Magna, Navistar, and Smith Electric Vehicles.

The company also notes that three of its sourced/production programs are in China with Shanghai Automotive (SAIC).



Good news for the American battery Industry an specially for A123. DOE's financial support and involvement is being rightfully rewarded.


There are some stimulus, grant and loan programs that actually produce results. The alternative energy, EV, electrification initiatives taken by this Administration are proving insightful. Too bad they got stuck with the deficits and war mongering of the Bush years.

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