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ALTe signs long-term supply agreement with A123 systems for advanced lithium-ion battery packs

ALTe has signed a long-term supply agreement with A123 Systems for complete lithium-ion battery packs to be integrated into ALTe’s range-extended hybrid electric powertrain systems. (Earlier post.) Built on A123’s advanced Nanophosphate technology, the 21.6 kWh packs are designed to deliver high power, greater usable energy, long life and increased safety, forming a critical part of the ALTe powertrain.

The packs will be matched with a four-cylinder engine, electric motors and proprietary controls modules to increase fuel economy by up to 200%.

The ALTe powertrain is targeted toward the light truck market (including full size pickups and vans) with a focus on commercial, government and utility fleets. The system is expected to provide an initial 30 miles (48 km) of driving in an all-electric mode, and an estimated additional 270 miles (435 km) in a charge-sustained mode before the vehicle would need to be either refueled or plugged in.

The A123 battery pack can be charged within an eight-hour timeframe from a 110-volt outlet or in about four hours from a 220-volt outlet. In addition to significant fuel economy savings, the system increases the vehicle’s torque while offering similar cargo capacity, horsepower and towing capability compared to trucks with the original V8 engine. ALTe expects to begin accepting purchase orders by the end of 2011 and plans to start installing its electric powertrain systems in summer 2012.

Earlier this month, ALTe announced it was collaborating with Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) to help validate the ALTe powertrain for the fleet industry. (Earlier post.)





Aren't Ford and Toyota determined to do the exact same thing for their pick ups and SUVs?


Ford and Toyota, for new vehicles only, probably.. and definitely they wont offer serial hybrids. Alte is a pure serial configuration.


Replacing a V8 engine with a 4+electric traction motor serial hybrid. Nice.

PHEV truck fleets with 30M AER and 270 CS mode will do a lot to speed electrification. If only to reinforce the idea that you CAN drive a light truck powered by electric alone. And you don't have to run to the charge station to keep working.


altE business model is to take fleet pickups with an expired engine warranty and replace that engine with a new unit with warranty, supposedly under $25k last I heard.

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