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Ashwoods launching new portfolio of hybrid and electric vehicle components & services to OEMs

Ashwoods Automotive is launching a complete range of high-performance, low-cost electric and hybrid vehicle technologies and system development. The new products include radial and axial flux electric motors; a battery management system (BMS); battery pack; simulation software and a plug-and-play hybrid system for front wheel drive vehicles.

Ashwoods initially began developing the products to solve technical challenges encountered while creating the Ashwoods Hybrid Transit. (Earlier post.) Based on the Ford Transit, this van is now the UK’s best-selling hybrid light commercial vehicle, according to the company.

During our own vehicle development, we realized there was a total lack of components that combined realistic performance with durability and value for money. Eventually, we decided to do it ourselves. With 1.4 million miles of real-world hybrid and electric vehicle data, we were extremely well placed to develop more efficient, robust supply chain components. This experience, allied to our proprietary systems, also makes Ashwoods a practical, cost-effective platform development partner for major vehicle manufacturers.

—Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Ashwoods

Ashwoods developed the new product portfolio through a program part-funded by the Technology Strategy Board, in which it also collaborated with leading universities. The company will unveil its new range at LCV 2011 at Rockingham race circuit 7–8 September. Ashwoods will be displaying the new components on its own stand and the TSB stand. Visitors can also experience the Ashwoods Hybrid and EcoDrive+Transit vans on the race track.



Good news for future lower cost electrified vehicles. We need many more like them.

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