Balqon Corporation enters medium-duty on-road electric truck market
Sinopec and Syntroleum open 80 bpd CTL demo plant

Chrysler to present City of San Francisco with 14 PHEVs as part of a 3-year demo project

Tomorrow, Chrysler Group LLC will present 14 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to the City of San Francisco as part of a three-year evaluation program.

The city will evaluate the vehicles in real-world driving conditions and report regularly to Chrysler Group LLC all driving and charging experiences with the demonstration vehicles.

Chrysler is deploying a test and demo fleet of 25 Chrysler PHEV minivans and 140 Ram 1500 PHEV pickup trucks to 12 partners including local municipalities, state governments, universities and energy companies across the United States. (Earlier post.)



Good PR and testing job.


So this "demonstration fleet" of minivans - what will it demonstrate besides fiscal irresponsibility?


Overall, DOE is contributing $10 million to the project.

That's $60,000 each.
For just a 2 year lease.
Or they pay $5000/mo

Actually WE pay.

We need to tax the achievers even more.


DOE is giving them money for what?? Chrysler gives the cars. Can't the lucky recipients buy the small amount of gas they're supposed to burn?


Wow, first I heard of Chrysler doing anything with plug-in since the bailout. Last I heard all those programs got the axe.

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