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Lightning Motorcycles electric bike with Remy motor cracks 200 mph

Using a Remy propulsion electric motor, Lightning Motorcycles, LLC. blasted through the land speed record for production electric bikes by 30 mph to be crowned the first electric bike to exceed 200 mph.

In a 14 August SCTA (Southern California Timing Association)-sanctioned run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Lightning—the 2010 land speed record holder—achieved 206.079 mph, topping its 2010 speed of 176 mph. The bike was ridden by Paul Thede, principal of Race Tech and the developer of the Lightning suspension system.

This record speed win coincides with the signing of a long-term supply agreement in which Remy International, Inc. will provide Lightning Motorcycles with the Remy HVH250 electric propulsion motor (earlier post) for use in Lightning Motorcycles’ commercial electric motorcycles and its professional racing Lightning Superbikes. Lightning Motorcycles is a California-based motorcycle engineering firm using competition to spur innovation. In addition to its commercial bikes now sold in North America, Asia and Europe, Lightning is already manufacturing their Superbikes with a Remy HVH250 motor for sale.

Remy’s HVH250 electric propulsion motors have award-winning, patented High Voltage Hairpin stator winding technology within a compact housing that is easily integrated into nearly all hybrid and electric applications from motorcycles to autos, SUVs, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. Based on the success of the HVH250, a new powerful HVH410 is now available for heavy duty applications. Today, there are more than 90,000 Remy motors on the road.



How far would they be able to go at 200 mph (or even 100 mph) ?

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