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New Mazda Demio posts 13,500 orders in first month, more than 2x target; 1.3L SKYACTIV engine driving popularity

First-month orders for the facelifted Mazda Demio (known overseas as the Mazda2) reached 13,500 units, more than double the 6,000-unit monthly target, since its sales launch in Japan on June 30, 2011. (Earlier post.)

Additionally, the number of new Mazda Demios registered in Japan during July exceeded 10,000 units. This is the first Mazda model to surpass 10,000 registrations in a single month since March 2004, seven years and four months ago.

To date, 70% of orders have been for the new 13-SKYACTIV model grade, surpassing initial expectations of 60%. The 13-SKYACTIV delivers fuel efficiency of 30.0 km/L (10-15 mode test cycle)/25.0 km/L (JC08 test cycle)—71 mpg US and 59 mpg US, respectively.

Customers are mainly single men and women, and people over 40 who are downsizing to a compact car. Customer feedback indicates that the main reasons for choosing the facelifted Demio are its fuel economy, advanced technologies and quiet cabin.

Mazda is introducing a facelifted Mazda3 with SKYACTIV technology this fall, followed by the all-new CX-5 next year. Going forward, all new Mazda models will incorporate SKYACTIV technologies.



It is good to see someone building a very low fuel consumption car that is cheap enough for many people to buy.
There is little point in producing engineering works of art if only the rich can afford them.
- unless they technology trickles down to more popular models.

Omaba and the big 3 should take note.


mahonj...excellent observations. Are we ready common sense vehicles that meet 2045 CAFE standards in 2012?

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