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Ovonic Battery Company extends NiMH license with GS Yuasa for life of patents

Ovonic Battery Company, Inc. (OBC) a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. has extended its license agreement with GS Yuasa International Ltd., in which OBC is granting GS Yuasa a license to use nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) technology developed and patented by OBC for the life of licensed patents.

GS Yuasa is a holding company jointly established by Yuasa Corporation and Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. (JSB). Yuasa has been an OBC licensee since 1995 and JSB has been an OBC licensee since 1999.

In July, ECD initiated a process to divest itself of OBC. (Earlier post.) OBC invented NiMH rechargeable battery technology that is used globally in hybrid-electric vehicles, and in many consumer and commercial rechargeable batteries.

Ovonic Battery Company, Inc. (OBC), operating as part of ECD’s Ovonic Material Division, is the inventor, developer and worldwide licensor of NiMH battery technology. OBC manufactures battery cathode materials for sale to licenses, and continues to innovate advanced materials to expand markets for NiMH batteries in consumer, vehicle and stationary fields of use.


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