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Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) recently provided further details of its plan to make Nürburgring history on 29 August by setting a new electric vehicle (EV) lap record on the demanding 20.832km Nordschleife. The current lap EV record is 9 min 1.338 secs. Based on unofficial testing and depending on weather conditions, TMG expects to hit lap-record pace immediately, with additional days scheduled as back-up.

The TMG EV. Click to enlarge.

The TMG electric powertrain uses two EVO-Electric AFM-140 electric motors to deliver peak power of 280 kW (375 hp) and torque of 800 N·m (590 lb-ft); top speed is 260 km/h (162 mph). Acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 3.9 seconds, with 0-50 km/h achieved in 1.8 seconds.

The motors are powered by a 520V, 41.5 kWh Li-ion battery pack weighing 350 kg; total weight of the two-seater is 970 kg.

Aguti created and implemented the livery concept while rational motion integrated the electric powertrain, traction battery and control strategies. EVO Electric motor technology delivers the power and Yokohama is the tire supplier.

TMG will begin commercial sales of its electric powertrain technology in 2012.


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