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UPS buying 100 EVI electric commercial delivery vehicles; Valence battery packs

UPS is purchasing 100 fully electric commercial delivery vehicles from Electric Vehicles International (EVI) for deployment in locations throughout California. This purchase marks the largest deployment of electric delivery vehicles in California, and one of the largest single deployments of commercial all-electric vehicles in the world.

EVI and UPS have been working for over two years on this project, including a successful 90-day demonstration in the fall of 2010. (Earlier post.) Through that demonstration, UPS used data collected to analyze the vehicle return on investment. Early next year 100 class 6 walk-in delivery trucks with a 90-mile range will be placed in service in the South Coast Air Basin, San Joaquin Valley, and the Sacramento Valley.

The vehicles will be powered by Li-ion battery packs from Valence Technology, Inc., which announced a $7.2 million purchase order from EVI for the batteries.



Who said that Valence was going under?


It is good news indeed when private industry invests money by buying EVs.

One can assume the economics are sound, or at least nearly so.

The CA gov spending other people's money on exciting cars is more typical.

Umm, wait " “We are proud to provide 100 California-made vehicles . . . . EVI would also like to thank the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, South Coast AQMD, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Sacramento AQMD, and the US EPA for their support and incentive funding. "

Oh well, some day - soon. ?


is it UPS money or are they using public money?.. in any case UPS gets lots of green creds, that has to be worth something on the bottom line.

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