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Volkswagen has opened its first engine reprocessing facility in China, its largest sales market. 15,000 engines per year are to be reprocessed at the plant in Dalian. The reprocessed engines will allow Chinese drivers to benefit for the first time from genuine Volkswagen parts that are up to 50% less expensive.

To date, Volkswagen Group China and its partner FAW have invested €10.9 million in reprocessing facilities at Dalian. As 70% of the materials in an engine can be reused, engine reprocessing saves large quantities of raw materials such as steel.

In Germany, the Volkswagen Group already has more than 60 years of experience in the reprocessing of components. The reprocessing plant at Kassel achieves the same quality as in the production of new components and is the model for engine reprocessing at Dalian.

The project in China is the Group's first reprocessing facility outside Germany. The next step will be the expansion of activities at Dalian to include other engine models as well as transmissions. In addition, a test center to test engines and transmissions with reference to Chinese driving habits is to be established in the future.


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