Johnson Controls says Shanghai plant not the source of lead contamination
Siemens developing intelligent transportation technology using traffic light timing systems and mobile phones

350Green to install more than 400 ChargePoint Network Charging Stations for EVs across US

350Green and Coulomb Technologies will extend the reach of both companies’ technologies and services. 350Green has agreed to purchase and install more than 400 charging stations across the country powered by the ChargePoint Network, further growing the largest network of independently-owned charging stations. (Earlier post.)

350Green will also utilize ChargePoint Network cloud-based EV charging solutions to manage its national network, including charging stations from its other manufacturer partners.

Coulomb says the ChargePoint Network is the largest online network of electric vehicle charging stations and drivers.

350Green is building out a national network of more than 1,000 charging stations, with projects under way in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and California. The company is installing both Level 2 and DC Fast chargers in convenient locations through partnerships with retailers like Walgreens and real estate developers like Simon Property Group.

This is a significant expansion of our ChargePoint Network as 350Green has chosen to exclusively utilize ChargePoint Network to deliver services to its customers.

—Pat Romano, president and CEO at Coulomb



Passenger highway capable EVs are currently available in the US where they were invented. With the growth in battery pack technology we can expect to see rapid sales growth as gasoline slowly climbs to $5.00 despite the herculean efforts of big oil to lower cost per barrel.

ICE $4.00 = 35mpg
EV $4.00 = 130mpge


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