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SoCalGas, Oberon Fuels partner to produce Dimethyl Ether from natural gas for transportation fuel; first such commercial facility in US

Boeing unveils 737 MAX powered by CFM LEAP-1B engines

Boeing unveiled the 737 MAX, the name of the new engine variant of the market-leading 737. The new family of aircraft—737 MAX 7, 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9—builds on the Next-Generation 737. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2017; five airlines have already made commitments for 496 airplanes.

The new 737 family will be powered by CFM International LEAP-1B engines. It will have the lowest operating costs in the single-aisle segment with a 7% advantage over the competition, Boeing says.

The LEAP-1B will be the exclusive powerplant for the new 737 variant, with the engine uniquely optimized for the airplane. CFM has been collaborating with Boeing on various engine options for either a new or re-engined 737 aircraft since 2005. The two companies are now working to define the final LEAP-1B engine configuration.

The 737 MAX will build upon the Next-Generation 737’s highest reliability performance of any airplane in the world: 99.7% on-time departure rate.

The Boeing 737 is the world’ most popular commercial jet transport, with more than 9,000 orders to date. Boeing forecasts global demand for more than 23,000 airplanes in the 737’s market segment over the next 20 years at a value of nearly $2 trillion.



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